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The Science of Failing Smart

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I love Failures. I love Failogy even more!

Failogy is the study of successful failure.

Research shows us that we experience an average of 3.8 Failures before 1 Success. Bad news?

No, this is a great news. This tells us that Failure is the path to Success! The more we fail, the more we are going to succeed. The key is to Fail Smart.

NLPers might complain that "there is no failure, only feedback". No. There are failures, every second. Failure is Failure. But it can be Feedback when you Fail Smart!

Let's start our journey through Failure. Here are my some of the Principles of Failogy, more are coming:

1. Fail More!

2. Fail Fast!

3. Fail Forward!

4. Failures is Partly caused by Ourselves!

Learn from Failures!

6. Learn to Fail!

7. Announce Your Failures!

8. Welcome Failures!

9. Failing is Not Losing!

10. Failing is Painful, but Useful!

11. Love Failures!

12. Analyze Your Failures!

13. Analyze Others' Failures!

14. Forgive, Not Forget Failures!

15. Fail Big!

16. Fail Early!

17. Fail Safe!

18. Fail & Change!

19. Fail to Evolve!

20. Laugh at Your Failures!

21. Great Experience composes of Failures!

22. Fail & Teach!

23. Dare to Fail!

24. Fail & Fail Again!

25. Fail & Reposition!

26. Fail & Come Back!

27. Fail in the Middle & Turn!

28. Fail & Never Fail for the Same Failure Again!

29. Failure has Meaning!

30. Failure has one or more Causes!

31. Failure has one or more Factors!

32. Failure has one or more Effects!

33. Failure is a Feedback to Yourself!

34. Failure is a Feedback to Others!

35. Failure is also a Feedforward!

36. Failure has a Pattern!

37. Failure Causes More Failures!

38. Failure is Part of Life!

39. Failure Gives You Strength (When you Understand It!)

40. Failure is Unpredictable!

41. Failure is Predictable!

42 . Failure Gives You Self-Awareness!

43. Failures without Awareness is Failure!

44. Failures shape your Future!

45. Failure Cuts Loss Quick!

46. Fail to Fail is Real Failure!

47. Admire Failures (Yours & Others')

48. Chossing Failure is much better than Failure Choosing You!

I need your Inputs!!!

Please kindly give me your ideas about Failure, Failogy and the above Principles of Failogy. Email me for your ideas so that you can help others when they fail!

To be honest, I am still on my way to complete all the 48++ Principles of Failogy. Your input can absolutely help, or this project is going to be a failure!

Special Thanks to Carl Tang, Fina Man & Joyce Leung for their kind and generous contributions!

Keith To
Your Failure Partner

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